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English spoken food shot studio in Mexico

Food Shots and still life of food dishes for ads, menus and recipe books

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English spoken food photograhy studio in Mexico
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The food shots are particularly delicate since it can attract or alienate the market from which it seeks approval and interest. An error in its execution and people are scared because more than attracting them, it has generated little craving for that food.
To achieve this result, the participation of food stylist is required for the decoration and better presentation of a dish so that it really craves.
I do food shots in Queretaro and in cities where I am requested.


facts about the Food Shots

-The food shot is undoubtedly one of those that requires greater analysis to achieve a seduction that makes people want to try that dish.
-One of the essential characteristics in food shots is that each element is perfectly identifiable so that it can be craved. If in the photo we find that it is not known if it is cream, cheese or onion, a white spot is registered in our mind. That does not cause desire and therefore that detail must be taken care of in any food shot.
-A photo that is aimed at a home restaurant is different from that directed at a restaurant chain or one that is for a packaged product for sale in supermarkets and that will be on a shelf. All of them have different strategies.
-It is common for products and accessories that are not edible to be used in food photography, but it is not for the purpose of deception since they have exactly the same texture and appearance. It is mainly for practicality since, for example, if you have to take a photo with a dish and a drink with ice and the photo, while making the adjustments so that it is impeccable, everything requires 30 minutes... by then the ice is already melted and the part corresponding to that drink has been spoiled. If artificial ice is used, with the same shape, refraction and density, you can accommodate that drink and not have to worry about it later. In the end the perception will be the same when having the final photo.
-As a food photographer in Queretaro I must say that we must promote the use of high quality photography in restaurants to improve their sales.