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About the Product Shot in Mexico

English spoken Product Shot Photograhy Studio in Mexico
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Product shots, are an essential tool in advertising. It is very common to consider this photograph as a photo to illustrate, to fill a space in a website or as a spectacular element.
Nothing could be far from reality. There may be beautiful or spectacular photos that do not sell because they do not connect with their target market. That is, the primary element in an advertising photo is the strategic design of its concept.
A true advertising photographer takes into account the target market and analyzes its connection with the company's product or service and within that creative framework conceives the idea supported by visual seduction techniques first and then makes adjustments in terms of composition, lighting and spectacularity.
It is then when a selling image is achieved and as a consequence an increase in sales since the market is adequately predisposed. Consider this information as part of the service I offer as an advertising photographer (or product shot photographer) to take your images for advertising.


Facts about the Product Shot Photography

-Many companies remain stuck in medium sales because they think that advertising photos are for illustration and do not understand that they must be seductive. For this reason, they do not invest in good photographs shoot by an advertising photographer and many times they go with photographers from other specialities. -The Product Shot is an image whose purpose is to achieve more sales for the contracting company. It is not necessarily an artistic or spectacular photo. But what is undoubtedly true is that it is a VERY studied and analyzed photo to achieve this objective. It is not a spontaneous idea from a creative (although it may be if it is within the limited framework for the seduction of that market). So if there is none of this analysis, we will have to distrust the result. -Advertising photographers are specialized and it is definitely not a job that can be assigned to a photographer who specializes in weddings, for example, since the training and skills of each specialty are very different. -The process by which the objectives of an advertising photo are achieved is known as seduction and consists of predisposing a target market to be interested in something (generally it is acquiring that product or service) -The product photo requires a photographer more oriented to understand the market to which the product or service is directed, determine what its connection is with the company and consequently design the image that will achieve those results.