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All women have a sexy angle that they rarely consider to display. Boudoir photography is precisely the opportunity that you have often waited for to encounter this sensual side that is yours by nature. The care is total, since I am a pioneer boudoir photographer in Mexico since 1992 Hector Hernandez, since I manage to help you capture this sexy angle because I have 25 years of experience doing boudoir photography. I am a pioneer in boudoir sessions in Mexico and I am also recognized as one of the 5 boudoir photographers internationally whom you should know and it is an honor to know that I am, according to the opinion of the photographers who expressed themselves there, the best boudoir photographer in Mexico since the rest of those mentioned are photographers from other countries.
The boudoir photography studies that I carry out result in artistically cared for images that are also sexy photos. As an expert I know that each woman has a unique way of expressing herself in front of the camera, that is why my boudoir sessions are always individual and so you can carry out your dream of having a boudoir photo session to your liking.
Boudoir photography has been recognized in Europe and the United States as a very feminine form of expression for several decades, however, a boudoir session in Mexico is still not so accepted, it still has a touch of taboo. It is actually a unique gift where you express all of your femininity and where you even recognize what it means for yourself to be a woman and therefore; you find that strength that is so yours that you had forgotten... more than undressing yourself, it is discovering yourself.
With my experience, and with my extensive knowledge of light setting and settings, I generate a trustful environment that works as your mirror and so you are; who manages to express yourself just as you are, going from lingerie photos to subtle nudes. Sensuality goes beyond your age, your expression lines and your figure, it is simply your own attitude. The women who came with me for their boudoir session also seek to fulfill personal fantasies in terms of expression, particular ideas, except that now they have advice so that they actually look spectacular and I will take care of the poses, lighting and accessories.
In my boudoir photo studios in Cdmx or Queretaro, makeup and hairstyle are already included to achieve that result you are looking for.
I do boudoir sessions in Mexico City, Queretaro and other key points in the country. Some people ask me why do I take boudoir photography in Queretarobeing such a conservative region, but it seems to me that it is a myth. The desire to be provocative and seductive exists anywhere in the world and taking lingerie boudoir photos in Queretaro does not prevent them from coming from Mexico City if what they are looking for is a quality boudoir session.

Here I show you boudoir photos with material expressly authorized in writing by those who have had their sessions, since the studies are confidential in all cases.

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Some of the doubts that arise in boudoir studios in Mexico are that they do not have references about the experience lived by women who undergo a boudoir session.
As a pioneer boudoir photographer in Mexico since 1992, I have been presenting testimonies to you for years about my boudoir photography sessions.
Here you can see boudoir photography testimonials from those who completed their boudoir photography studio.

Facts about boudoir photography

A significant number of women, at some point in their lives, wish to have a study of this type: About 42%. That is to say that two out of every five women either wanted it, desire it or will consider it later. And it is often a secret desire that they do not share, even with friends. It is for this reason that many believe that they are one of the few to want a boudoir session.
The most common age to do it is around 40 years old. The reason is that it is usually an age where they appreciate themselves better, where they have greater personal confidence and therefore dare to take on challenges that previously either caused them fear or worried them about what people will say.
About 90% she does it for herself, meaning she is not going to show it to anyone. It is a personal celebration. The other 10% does share it, sometimes with her partner and sometimes even on her social media.
The greatest benefit after having a boudoir studio is undoubtedly the increase in personal confidence. It is as if, having overcome the fear of doing it, they decide on other types of challenges to overcome such as changing jobs, starting a business, it is ultimately a personal empowerment.
I have been doing boudoir photography in Queretaro since 2007 and thanks to the prestige I have, clients come to my studio from Switzerland, Uruguay and the USA; although I have been in this specialty since 1992. Boudoir sessions in Queretaro were less frequent at that time, but as the city modernizes, their number has increased.

I have the written authorization and consent of my clients for those images presented here that require it. Any boudoir session without this consent is absolutely confidential.