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One of the photographic styles that is increasingly becoming known is boudoir photography. In Mexico, it is beginning to be more and more accepted since it is an elegant and artistic way to remember how we look at a stage of life.
This category of boudoir photography that I present to you here, lingerie, is the most discreet and subtle. It is a style where the body is always kept with some garment and the expressions can even be flirtatious. It allows peace of mind for those who want a first approach to this type of photo.
What is said about the photographic trajectory of Hector Hernandez? Well according to Fotofestin, I am considered among the 5 boudoir photographers worldwide worth knowing. In fact, I have served clients who come from Switzerland or Uruguay to carry out their boudoir photography studio. I invite you to consider this recognition when deciding about the photographer that will shoot the photographic memory of this stage of your life
Do you want to know something more daring like the No nude Nude boudoir photo or a themed boudoir session?
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Facts about boudoir photography

-A significant number of women, at some point in their lives, wish to have a study of this kind: About 42%. That is to say that two out of every five women either wanted it, desire it or will consider it later. And it is often a secret desire that they do not share, even with friends. It is for this reason that many believe that they are one of the few who want a boudoir session.
-The most common age to do it is around 40 years old. The reason is that it is usually an age where they appreciate themselves better, where they have greater personal security and therefore dare to take on challenges that previously either caused them fear or worried them about what people will say.
-About 90% of the times the boudoir session is for herself, that is, she is not going to show it to anyone. It is a personal celebration. The other 10% does share it, sometimes with her partner and sometimes even on her social media.
-The greatest benefit after having a boudoir studio is undoubtedly the increase in personal security. It is as if, having overcome the fear of doing it, they decide to take other types of challenges to overcome such as changing jobs, starting a business, it is ultimately a personal empowerment.
-I have been doing boudoir photography in Queretaro for 17 years and the attitude towards boudoir sessions is increasing in Queretaro in the past few years.

I have the written authorization and consent of my clients for those images presented here that require it. Any work without this consent is absolutely confidential.