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Boudoir photo where it is noted that there is a nude, but the mystery and seduction is maintained by not finally showing anything

About the No nude Nude Boudoir Photography

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The photographic style that is increasingly being talked about is boudoir photography. Mexico, CDMX, is beginning to be more and more open to the subject since it is an elegant and artistic way to remember how we see ourselves in a period of life.
This category of boudoir photography that I present to you here, the No nude nude, is mysterious and very seductive because in the image you sense that there is a nude... although it really does not expose anything compromising. It is a style where, in accordance with what is agreed with my client, you can show more or show less, with the maximum of exposure could be the derrière. It is undoubtedly a more daring style and presents a greater challenge when performing it, and therefore the beauty of the result obtained is even more appreciated
Now, your opinion of Hector Hernandez's photos? Indeed, Fotofestin, includes me among the 5 photographers who do boudoir photography worldwide that you should know. Clients have come from Switzerland or Uruguay with me to do their boudoir session. Remember this recognition when choosing the boudoir session or boudoir photographer that will shoot the photography which will be your memory of this moment in your life.
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Facts about Boudoir Photography

-One of the biggest obstacles in carrying out a boudoir studio is usually prejudices or a very severe self-criticism in relation to one's own figure.
-Those who take this category of photos tend to have greater confidence in my work as a boudoir photographer, knowing that I use my experience and knowledge to ensure that any detail or imperfection can spoil a spectacular result. It is also important to master perspectives, accessories and lighting to compensate for proportions. The important thing is to achieve the final result.
-More than 95% of women who have a boudoir photo session do not have the figure that is considered a standard of beauty and yet, the result of this photo session is equally beautiful because that is what I really seek to project. In the boudoir photo, I show that each woman has her own beauty, unique and unmatched, and thanks to this I have the prestige as an international photographer in the boudoir specialty.
-Many photographers carry out their work in very beautiful environments to divert the girl's attention to the environment that surrounds them. My style seeks to achieve this result without that strategy and for this reason my environments tend to have more of an art photo feel.
-I have been doing boudoir sessions in Queretaro uninterruptedly since 2007 and since then boudoir photography in Queretaro has become more popular.

I have the written authorization and consent of my clients for those images presented here that require it. Any work without this consent is absolutely confidential.