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Boudoir photography with different themes and fantasies such as vintage photos or in the style of the novel Fifty Shades of Grey

About the Themed Boudoir Photography

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The photographic style that is increasingly identified is the boudoir photography. Mexico, CDMX, are opening up more and more to the subject as it is an elegant and artistic way of remembering fantasies that we had at a stage in life.
This category of boudoir photography that I present to you here, the themed, is the most varied. It is a style in which personal fantasies are covered such as having a vintage photo style, one of those pinups from the 50s, representing the role of a teacher, a soccer player or even some more desire for erotic photography such as the one evoked in the book of "Fifty Shades of Grey" by Erika L. Mitchell.
Do you know what they say about Hector Hernandez's photographic work? The Fotofestin website tells us that I am listed among the 5 boudoir photographers worldwide that you should know and this honors me since I am, by choice of the photographers on that page, the best boudoir photographer in Mexico, since the rest of Those considered there are from England, the USA, Spain and Brazil. I have even served clients who come from Switzerland or Uruguay to carry out their boudoir photography studio. Cdmx is where I did it. Consider this fact when deciding which photography will be your keepsake.
Do you want something less risqué like the sexy lingerie photoor the No nude Nude boudoir photography style?
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Facts about boudoir photography

-Some girls want to live the experience of a boudoir session just to live it. That is, the feeling of being photographed is worth more to them than the results of the photos themselves.
-Thematic boudoir photography fulfills many fantasies that you may have for a boudoir photo session of this type, such as having sexy photos in the style of pinups from the 50's or 60's, or giving yourself the opportunity to express sensuality and eroticism and live the fantasy. to see yourself in photos like in 50 Shades of Grey movie or even play a role that is your hidden dream like being a teacher who strips. This is a private space to express yourself as you wish without judgments of any kind where you release those desires.
-The age of those who wish to have their boudoir photo session ranges between 18 and 65 years old. That is, there is no age to have your photo session.
-In all my boudoir photo sessions, there is a prior discussion to define ideas, to understand what the objective is and what accessories should be ready on the day of the photos, to know how the specialist should do your makeup and what to expect. Everything is planned to have a spectacular result that fulfills that saved dream.
-Here in my studio I have various accessories such as items from the 50's, Venice masks, leather cat or rabbit masks, blinds, ties, handcuffs, ropes and accessories to make that fantasy become a reality.
-The boudoir sessions in Queretaro are normally not thematic except for some more daring women because boudoir photography in Queretaro has a short time to be accepted and it is normal to start with photos in lingerie.

I have the written authorization and consent of my clients for those images presented here that require it. Any work without this consent is absolutely confidential.